GKG Record Exporter

GKG Record Exporter

Dataset: Global Knowledge Graph

Description: Aimed at advanced users - searches all GKG records and returns matching GKG records and a list of source URLs.

Components: PERL

More Information: Expediting Extraction and Exporting

The GKG Record Exporter allows you to rapidly export small subsets of data from the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph (GKG) that match your search criteria. You simply specify a set of person or organization names, locations, or Global Knowledge Graph Themes, along with an optional date range, and the system will automatically search the entire Global Knowledge Graph for all matching entries and output the list of matching GKG records and a list of all source articles providing the matching records. While you will still need programming experience to be able to use these exported results further, this tool allows you to rapidly export small subsets of data from the complete massive GKG database. Currently searches will only return the first 200,000 matching results. Your results will be emailed to you when complete, usually within 10 minutes, depending on server load.

Note that this tool is designed ONLY for advanced users who need to export a small subset of records for further processing and analysis. Data is output in the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph file format, which requires advanced PERL, Python, or R scripting skills to work with, so only advanced users will find this tool of use, but it allows you to rapidly subset a small number of records from the complete GKG database. Advanced users can use this tool in concert with the other visualization and analysis tools to retrieve the set of GKG records that were used to generate one of the visualizations (to be able to perform more sophisiticated analyses or visualizations).

Your Email Address

Creating these results can take several minutes depending on server demand - please provide the email address that the results should be sent to.

Email Address

Date Range

Limit the time period of analysis. The earliest allowable date for the Global Knowledge graph is currently April 1, 2013 and the latest date allowed is the current day.

Start Date
End Date

Keyword Search Criteria

You must specify a set of keywords that will be used to search the Global Knowledge Graph for matching records. Separate multiple terms with commas. The three fields are boolean AND'd together, so to search for discussion of Food or Water Security in Nigeria and to exclude any mentions of US President Obama or Edward Snowden, you would enter "Nigeria" in the first field, "WATER_SECURITY, FOOD_SECURITY" in the second, and "Barack Obama, Edward Snowden" in the third. Fields are not case sensitive.

All GKG fields are searched for these keywords, so you can use a combination of person and organization names, countries and cities, and GKG Themes. NOTE that this does NOT search article fulltext, only the extracted GKG fields.

Include ALL OF


Must NOT Have ANY OF


The following output files will be generated:

  • Source List Produces a list of all of the source news articles for all of the matching GKG records.
  • Matching GKG Records Returns the raw CSV GKG records that matched your search criteria - it can generate extremely large files, but is useful to filter down the entire GKG to just the records matching your needs.